Insurance that Works for You

Leschensky Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency that represents a selected group of reputable insurance companies. Since we are an independent agency, we do not work for the insurance companies, instead we work with you, the client, by finding the right company that can meet the needs and cover the exposure of each customer.

At Leschensky, we will analyze the various options that fit your specific need. We provide our clients with the highest quality of coverage at a competitive price.

Our Mission is Our Promise

Our mission is to serve our clients with an elevated level of professionalism by being dedicated, honest, and trustworthy. We will create and deliver insurance plans customized to each individual or business that meet and/or exceed our clients expectations. We will only work with insurance companies that have the same level of professionalism as ourselves.

Save Time with Online
Insurance Quote


Online insurance is a new tool of promotion insurance and sales channel of insurance policies in the insurance market.

Using the online insurance a lot of problems of the insurance market participants are solved. The greatest advantage that receives client, is a convenient and flexible way to order insurance and saving time. Because the policyholder has the option to choose insurance, carry out calculation of policy value, compare it with similar offerings from other companies to pay any of the convenient methods (credit card, through a system of electronic money or payment terminal as well as in cash) and get the policy right up to delivery "threshold" at home or Office.